From flicking a light switch to opening your garage door with a remote control, our homes have been automated for decades. The concept goes as far back as the 1934 World’s Fair in Chicago where the “home of the future” was unveiled. In the last 80 years, however, the automated home has morphed into the smart home, courtesy of the Internet, sensors and connectivity.

Based on the basic requirements of self-sufficient construction, this research focuses on the application of modern information technology (information or management platform, sensor technology) in smart building design, and make a response to the question of how to make a building (100 person scale)self-sufficient.

INFORMATION – CONSIDERATIONS FOR THE SELF-SUFFICIENT BUILDING is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in City and Technology, in 2016/17 by:

Student: Peng Wang

Faculty: Vicente Guallart, Eulalia Moran