Independent Commune

Self Sufficiency through Buildings

In this age of constant change and progressive development, the debate over self sufficiency has grown globally. The understated facts from the industrial revolution to the millennial generation are now accessible by everyone, thanks to internet and global connective networks. The process to break down this information to deduce facts and figures about the developing conglomerate of infrastructure advancements is gradual. This project focuses on the how we can, as individuals, instead of focusing on the infrastructural sufficiency, adapt self sufficiency through buildings.



In a society where the privileged and the unprivileged have been drawn apart by the social divide, an institutionalized education system within the community can bridge this gap.

Site Context

The location chosen for this project is within an established institution run by government and so the exchange of ideas and resources is not a private ownership. The idea behind picking this site was to have a space that allows the students of the institute mix with the community while undergoing their existing study.

Concept_Living Lab

What if while building a building, we could gain some knowledge and share the one we have. The idea is to develop a living lab where people who have never been formally educated in schools interact with the ones who are a part of school system. By doing so, we are gaining the expertise of people who have learnt only through imparted knowledge of their parents and the design thinking of people who can push this experience to make things that are unconventional.


The idea is to build a building where the technical knowledge of the learned professionals are executed by these unprivileged uneducated people who have immense experience in their respective fields. By doing so they can learn a few things about self sufficiency. In turn what we gain is the idea of spreading these practices where a little knowledge imparted through this limited contribution can bring a great change in the society in terms of self sufficiency. And thus we can aim to have an aware institutionalized community that works its way through the industrial system to become an independent commune.