02 sound cloud small 01 sound cloud small

The cloud is a place where IAAC’s inspiration is going to be kept.

Percona passing by can leave the massage, to inspire somebody,

and also can listen to the inspiration for the day.


Passing by you can step on a sensor on a floor, which gonna be two bottoms:

  • Ultrasonic sensor detect botton activation.
  • Servo motor react, and work x time to bring pipe down.
  • Variations :
  • 1 –  “TO INSPIRE” – M – microphone activates and record your massage.
  • 2 – “TO BE INSPIRED” – S – speakers activating, sending a massage to you.

03 sound cloud small copy

Recording goes to sound card, transforming and keeping massage on SDCard, via Raspberry Pi which consist a Processing code, to record, to transform and do play in random rota the recorded massages.

That’s mean that people, would be possible to hear any random sounds, recorded n-time ago.

The poetic thesis of this project is:

“Inspire, by being inspired.”


Project made by:

  • Anna Abduraimova
  • Justyna Brzakala
  • Lalin Keyavan

Tutors and assistants:

  • Guillem Camprodon
  • Angel Muñoz