I am proposing to build an Algae nursery. Its main purpose will be to provide awareness, enhance public engagement and is green energy. Algae flower will utilize solar energy through the plants process of photosynthesis, which can then be harvested and transformed into bio-fuel. The energy produced from this system will be able to replace fossil fuel and reinforcing the idea that growing and using natural fuel can be useful and beneficial for the planet, reducing the amount of pollution contributed. My prototype will encourage a more interactive space for students, faculty and passersby, allowing them to take part in the energy being produced not only through interaction but by contributing their disposed plastic bottles. The components of the system, which include algae, plastic bottles, wood and acrylic, focuses on utilizing locally sourced or disposed materials both by the IaaC community and the public of Poblenou. Personal interaction with the prototype brings more awareness of what having a self-sustainable system on site can do and the benefits that stem from the systems afterlife.

The façade of the newly renovated building of IaaC at 61 Carrer de Pujades, is the area that has exposure to most sunlight throughout the year, making it the best location to maintain the living system. Throughout the year Barcelona mostly has exposure to sunlight which is why this source of energy is best to take into consideration. The restriction to adding solar panels throughout this country allows for more opportunity to think of innovative ways of making the most use of this energy source.

The living system thrives off symbiotic relationships, allowing the growth of the plant to have sustainable features that’ll benefit the entire system. Permaculture encourages the benefit of growth the algae will have through the dependency of natural solar energy, some shading and movement that’ll maintain the system until it’s ready to be harvested or used for students in need of algae resources. The system will have an interactive data representation alongside the prototype that is only accessed locally. Anyone can understand what is happening on the front of this building through a data board which has leveled bars which communicate what is happening with the algae as a tab on it’s right hand side is pull vertically. The greener the data board is, the more people can understand not only the algae can be harvested but when it’ll be ready. Limiting our sources with local recycled materials allows the user to have more creative control of the overall design of their system. The overall design of the project takes into consideration the most common source of materials found anywhere, which are recyclable and locally sourced, so that the system can be customized depending on the needs and sources other cities have but of course globally plastic bottled waste can be found anywhere. This shifts the focus from just reproducing to exchanging the benefit of co-producing and reaping the benefits this living system can have on air quality, human life, and the ecosystem. The sole focus of my frame is to bring more awareness to the amount of pollution that populates Barcelona, how the benefits
of digital fabrication can create better self-sufficient systems and how we can utilize the natural tools of energy we have access to that’ll help us create more solutions to harvesting natural energy for the benefit of the planet.


Student: Alice Carrasquillo
Faculty: Mathilde Marengo
Teaching Assistant: Johana Monroy