Applied Urban Strategies – Hyper Regions and Slow City

Technique: Acceleration


Hyper Regions and Slow City is one of the Paradigm over which we where supposed to capture with a Technique of acceleration a video which reflects the topic

Hyper Regions 

  1. When a city expands so much that it ends up having the scale of what can be considered a “region” rather than the measure of a traditional scale.
  2. The Scientific definition would be the region, which is excessive in the sense of population with a complex system of activity.
  3. Scales – Global Hyper Regions
  4. Continental Hyper Regions
  5. Regional Administrations Hyper Regions.

 Slow City

  1. Slow City or Cittaslow is an organisation founded in Italy and inspired by the slow food movement.
  2. Cittaslow’s goals include improving the quality of life in towns by slowing down its overall pace, especially in a city’s use of spaces and the flow of life and traffic through them.
  3. Cittaslow is part of a cultural trend known as the slow movement.
  4. Parameters to Study Through Video Technique #Acceleration
  5. Density of population
  6. How the city is moving and engraving the hyper region mode of transport like: Cars, motor bike and taxi, into the Slow city mode of transport which is Pedestrian, Bicing and Tram.

So, to create a Picture Frame Following a Japanese Technology for filming by not moving the frame.

We captured a time-lapse of 8 hours of video capturing from Hotel Diagonal Silken Barcelona Rooftop at Glories.

This Frame has pedestrians, cyclist, Tram, cars, construction boulders and many more are moving and are showing different frequency of movement. Leading into a frame where Hyper Regions & Slow City is getting merged.



Hyper Regions and Slow City is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master of Advanced Architecture in 2015/16 by:


  • Nisarg sheth
  • Abbas kikali


  • Maite Bravo
  • Jordivivaldi Piera