Hyper Region and Slow Cities


When a city expands so much that it ends up having the scale of what can be considered a “Region“ rather than the measure of a traditional scale.Understanding “Hyper Region” In the context of Mediterranean cities it developed in a different manner.

A network of Cities as a whole Mediterranean it’s little difficult to define because their growth is uncontrollable and the growth process is underway.As per the manual Gausa” The Mediterranean could be considered a city around a large void.”As per him, We can say it as Multi-City core multi-city cost, showing the potential future of Multi-city.

Otherside Slow City is the concept which concerns to enrich the quality of life by promoting Local food ,Art,Culture tradition and several other things. By slowing down the peace of the life is meant to create a social tone to bring the happiness.

These are the important factors of Hyper region and Slow Cities through which we can understand :

Hyper Region 

Rapid growth of population,High density,Leads to competition of limited resources for survival,Social Heterogeneity,
Larger the settlement, the greater the variety of people,More freedom to pursue “different” things,Unusual jobs, cultural interests.
More accepted in large urban areas Despite freedom, many feel lonely or isolated in urban settlements Surrounded by indifferent people.

Slow City

Promotion of organic agriculture,Banning of genetically modified foods and organisms,Historic preservation,
Alternative energy systems,Preservation of local tradition and heritage,Building awareness of the local citizens for the Slow City goals.

So the challenge is How to engrave Slow city with Hyper Region ?


Since Mobility has a huge impact on Hyper region as well as the Slow city, we started exploring to engrave in both the context.

The presentation shows the concept of sustainable mobility in the Urban scenario.

Further, We branched the topic into three parts related to each other 04 Intro of 3 projects

which addresses the issues related to Urban mobility and Habitation which can be found in respective blogs of the group members.

Hyper Region and Slow Cities is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in Advanced Architecture in 2016 by:

Abbas Kikali,Sahna Sridhar                                                                                                                                                                    Sidharth Kumar

Willy Müller                                                                                                                                                                           Jordivivaldi Piera