“What could Architecture be?
How could an environment move around us, maybe know us, maybe even
care about us?”
                                                         Philip Beesley, 2010

Hylozoic Ground
is a speculative landscape, that proposes a new artificial environment
which chemically and physically behaves as a natural, living organism - breathing, 
sensing and regenerating.

Our time-field research collates and relates
the body of works that form this emerging
field of hybridised nature-technology - from
human bodies merging with new technologies,
to artificial structures adopting the
systems, functions or behaviours found in
plants and animals, as well as the emerging
technological inventions themselves, which
are feeding this field of research.

The Hylozoic Ground installation successfully provides a realization 
of hylozoism - the philosophy that all matter has life. 
This fantastic meeting of nature and technology leads us 
to consider future landscapes - what if synthetic lifeforms could offer us 
the same nourishing interaction as that which we seek out in nature?

Hylozoic Ground is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia
developed atthe Master in Advanced Architecture in 2018 by:
Alvarez Olivia, Fechner Maria, Franco Anaisa, Nikitaras Antonis, Smylie Megan, Testa Filippo
Faculty: Jordi Vivaldi, Manuel Gausa
Assistant: Mohamad Elatab