What is our idea ?

To build an application for Hydroponic that helps you grow herbs and veggies anywhere and anytime.

Watch what you grow, and grow what you eat!

This application aims at :

Providing a healthy lifestyle

Supporting  sustainability and green environment

Building community to share same interest and hobby

Creating positive impact on the surroundings

Increasing awareness about Food shortage

How this app works?

Living in the suburbs, desert or in an apartment on the 7th floor, food has never been this easy to grow, now it’s just an app away.

This app allows you to scan tiny spaces in your kitchen, living, bathroom or even your bedroom.

It advises you about:

Geo-locationand Scanning Feature :

Geographically locates your space

Updates the information about climateScans any space

Identifies plants which are suitable for you to grow

Create your own hydroponic profile

The Community

Connect to the world of farming

Share your problems and experiences with growing your own food

Building a farming community

Share all that you harvest

Lets come together and build a growing community ūüôā

The Budget


The Business Canvas


The Rewards


Risks and Challenges

In some countries, hydroponic is not popular yet

People’s awareness about food quality is not raised yet

There are some apps already about hydroponic but without the features we offered

Few unanticipated issues before our application could go live (no set time-frame for this)

Rewards quality may damaged if shipping take more timeSome suppliers may not available in certain countries


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hy[Grow]ponic is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in Advanced Architecture in 2015-2016 by:

Students: Anastasia Stephany Marcella

                Khushboo Jain

              Robert Chacon

                   Varsha Subba Rao

Faculty: Anna Pla Catala