Investigations and Data Analysis on
a course of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed
Master in City & Technology_2016/2017
Faculty:Vicente Guallart
Tutors: Marta Milà and Andre Resende
Student:  Federica Ciccone


The topic of the research orbits around Hygienism, intended in an analytic way as a topic itself in histórical and urbanistic fields, and at the same time as leading aspect of city planning; not only in the moment of its foundation ( the plans of XIX century for example), but also nowadays.
The challenge of the discussion would like to be an investigation of Hygienism, thats aims to answer, always, to themes connected to  hygienic and sanitary improvement of the city’s structure and also, above all, the improving of the citizens’ life conditions; facing dynamic and mutable aspects and methods, as a mirrows of the social and histórical periods in which, these ones, are inserted.

 0.1_Hygienism timeline _more info: here

The experience of Cerdà is turned out to be the key argument, above all for his interdisciplinarity, that today could define him the first multiscalar official professional of the architecture’s history, considering himself the unwitting initiator of the contemporary line of theory and action regarding the assigned topic.
Thanks to his archives was possible quantify and localize the different kinds of workers who were present  in Barcelona from 1865-1875.
In this way we’ve been able to analyze and classify workers, categories and the relationships between these ones and the city’s areas.


0.2_animated maps: here

The historical analysis was followed by an actualization of the problem, comparing the main generating topics of Hygienism (pandemics, bad conditions of workers neighborhoods, absence of rules in urban systems and expansions) with the current ones, inevitably connected with global issues generated by the environmental condition of our contemporary world.

An interesting investigation based on the multidisciplinarity, that render Cerdà the precursor of all the current theories, plans and regulations in act to solve the global environmental problems through the sustainable  planning; in complex frames in which, as Cerda underlined, with his deep and speculative analysis, every single player of the game has his irreplaceable role.