Team : Anusha Arun   |   Kunaljit Singh Chadha     |   Yessica Mendez Intent : Working with nanoscale particles to change the original behaviour of a material. Preface : The Hydrophobic effect observed is a tendency of non-polar substances to aggregate aqueous solutions and exclude water molecules.The word Hydrophobic literally means ‘water fearing’, and it describes the segregation and aparent repulsion between water and non polar substances.In chemistry , water is considered to be the universal solvent , and materials that are Hydrophilic dissolve in it.However, Hydrophobic molecules do not dissolve in water.The aim is to control the deformity of the hydrophilic materials with addition of hydrophibic component which then are responsive to natural stimuli. Midterm_Presentation_Hydrophobics-1 Midterm_Presentation_Hydrophobics-2 Midterm_Presentation_Hydrophobics-3 Midterm_Presentation_Hydrophobics-5 Midterm_Presentation_Hydrophobics-6 Midterm_Presentation_Hydrophobics-7 Midterm_Presentation_Hydrophobics-8 Midterm_Presentation_Hydrophobics-9