A research thesis with aim to explore the topic of hydro-energy associate to a building.

The goal is to generate energy out of the water that we can collect and consum in and around a building.

It is called pico power for less than 5 kW.
Hydro-energy or hydraulic is the first energy system possibly build around the 4th century BC.

Before the 19 century water wheel where used to move or to elevate, heavy material like a bridge. Also in the metal mining extraction. Therefore the electric generator was developed and coupled with hydraulic systems.

Today hydraulic-energy is the most resourcefull. In 2015 renables energy where estimed around 23,7% of total energy produced.

In those 23,7 %, 16,6 % are coming from hydro-electricity, 3,7 % from heolic, 2% from biomass, 1,2 % from photovoltaïque and 0,5 % others.

The project target is to generate energy from the water that we can consume and collect around a specific building. In this case the site a building is Valldaura.

To produce this energy we will collect most water as we can like rain water , water mine, used water.

In order to be able to catch a maximum amount of water we set a strategy of drain a pipes in the forest.

The focused point is on the creation of the water turbine adapted to the site.

To test different possibility we build a experimental prototype.