HY.PR//001 is an  experimental kinetic form exploration that investigates concentric geometries morphing into dynamic complex forms through pivot mechanisms. Web experiences have often been used as a medium for descriptive displays. The format of 3D interactions within the web space, opens up avenues to explore this interface through a new lens. 

It originated as an interactive public art installation in 2018, in Mumbai and has been expressed in diverse formats and scales since then. This project tries to understand how people (especially children) enjoy easy interaction while fidgeting with forms and discover new ones through play. 

The development of interactive 3D on the web and Rhinocompute, HY.PR//001 can now exist virtually making it a more accessible, more public.

The interface includes 2 vertical toggles on the left and right(tiny circles), without any annotation to the sliders, creating a mystery for the user to discover and inviting them to play with the toggle.


This project had plenty primitive versions explored while learning basics of HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Grasshopper through Rhino Compute;  during the span of the seminar.




HY.PR//001 is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in Advanced Computation for Architecture & Design in 2020/21 by

Students: Varun Mehta // Faculty: Luis Fraguada and Will Pearson