evolution   Tending to believe that what is financial profitability is not equivalent to economic feasibility is not something unreasonable. Humans are greedy, as all animals are. It is an embedded human instinct to follow what is best for your own survival, disregarding others. It is, sadly, verified throughout history by the outcome of every applied economic system. Fortunately, our brain capacity is also able to understand the benefits of cultural evolution, which will eventually control this very instinct. But, instead of generalizing the question to a matter of culture and education, there are aspects of the situation a serious professional affiliated with economics should consider; in our case, an architect. It is an architect’s duty to always investigate, research and question on economics. Technologies and ideas are developed and one should take advantage on what they offer in terms of economic feasibility. It is always a matter of balance and investment, as sustainability never gives immediate economical profit. Easy money and unawareness are the two reasons why people are lured into unsustainable decisions, and these two reasons we are called upon to fight. One who is able to understand and create sustainability, at least at a certain degree, is also able to transmit this way of thinking by his own work. treeman