going_abroad_its_a_state_of_mind   Starting from a contextual point of view and maybe a bit basic and logical, the buildings are part of our immediate context , which in turn becomes impossible to separate what we call environment, answering the question , the buildings are a part of this great system called environment in which are integrated from the traffic and infrastructure to daily feelings of every human being. For this we have to start with the analysis of what constitutes a building or any physical element placed in the middle of an urban system, a building to be architecturally correct only questionable but always would have to meet the expectations of what a building is , functionality , aesthetics , adequacy, technology and all that demand our world today , but in turn we find that the building is beginning to play an important role in real “life” of human beings, in their movements, in the visual , activities , and much more in the role of emotions when we as architects do us a question in the design process that can include the true purpose of my paa architecture is to produce a feeling / emotion what will cause our answer to the problem ? a better life, a better day , or just a great personal moment , most of the time we forget the most important part and we look to others acceptance of our work , having to start each element in our contexo represents a change sensory and emotional structure and here where it enters the second question … our main problem / ally that is the economic factor and better call money, our society has been educated in a way where personal economy has become a problem of egos along the world from a macro point of view or micro, I refer to this as the problem arises from a person but arises from the education of a whole society in our time globalization attacks everywhere this economic power we been led to believe wrongly in the difference of possession and economy. The developers , as part of this society in some way ” rude ” but with economic ability to produce these ” buildings ” already mentioned, have lost the value and the true meaning of the opportunity to build a better world no , but a life daily quality Opposed to the idea of ??one world and environment , have begun to create these cities within cities completely breaking the symbiosis between environment / human / city , becoming a profitable system perfectly designed for monetary growth each owner and gradually destroying what in not long later will become a global chaos. There is no concrete answer to this problem , it is not a sentence , much less an idea, the answer is always found in the conscience of polite society , where both architects, engineers and all professions have the same starting point to begin our projects , the people who contribute or alter our environment can not only architects and economists , engineers and doctors, all of us, as we are always connected in one way or another , I repeat that the answer lies in the education of our society, or in an urban pollution strategy , then moved all our inputs and outputs in the world. If money go before , all roads are open. William Shakespeare