This house is for two people, a dog and trees.




House-N-33 stringio

The name HOUSE N , Because of its nesting concept, the architect has created 3 nests to divide the public , semi public and private space .To have space for the trees , the dog and the people , but on the contrary he makes the house very basics and edgy .And sort off taming the nature by giving them square windows . This house expresses both the inside and the outside. To make sure that they have their social and private space both when needed. The architect has tried to merge the inside and outside, but hasn’t really succeed because of the obvious square boundaries which resist them in interacting with the existing natural neighboring environment.

Positional relations: This house cannot be classified under positional relations, for obvious reasons, it was designed to stand out. The houses in relation to this house in the neighborhood are tiled roofs with the availability of the raw materials, but this house is white standing out made of modern concrete material.

Metaphorical relations and intangible relations: This house can be classified under metaphorical and intangible relations, because the architect compares it with a nesting concept of 3 different spaces creating three different lighting and atmospheric conditions.

Atmospheric relations: This house can be classified under atmospheric relation, because the whole idea is to merge and interact with the environment, by having trees in the house and to merge the indoor and the outdoor spaces. And having large window for the trees to breathe and multiple skylight.