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HOUSE N by Sou Fujimoto – CASE STUDY

theory 2_jamesDOUBT

Could this concept and strategy be applied in every area and condition? Due to the privacy issue from the owner of the house and also the pedestrians. The strategy for the nested structure is good way to make the sense between inside and outside becomes disguised, but how about the sense from the pedestrians ? It seems that nested structure quite blocking the view from the outside, though it already has the void on fascade. Eventually, those structure becomes a massive barrier for the surroundings.



  1. The Idea for the future house that only be separated by the single wall. Thus, the architecture is not more about creating space and form, but moreover about expressing the connection and relation between houses and streets. And also the concept of creating the gradient between the street and the house
  2. “Nested Structure” will establish the gradation of domains accompanied by various senses distance between house and street, and devide the functions depend on the distance to the street. This configuration also brings out the indoor area that feels like outdoor area, and vice versa
  3. The city and house need to have the same essence, but different approaches to continuum of a single subject, or different expressions of the same thing an undulation of a primordial space where human dwell


This “House N” is a good example for the lecture due to its concept. The idea of making the blurred boundaries between the inside and the outside, is one of the strategy to let the nature come in to the house. There is no solid boundaries which separate the nature, architecture, and also the human. At last, it will create the good harmony or relationship among those all.

The relational logics which can we see from this house are

  1. Intangible Relations

Fading the boundary between inside and outside is really felt from this house. The outside sense is brought to the inside area. Transparency, flowing spaces, and connection to the trees support all of his concept in this house.

  1. Disturbed Relations

By adding many “random” rectangular holes on every fascade and also the roof, it gives many spaces for the tree for growing up. This nested structure will not block the tress growth and also has the good air circulation, sunlight, humidity for the trees growth, moreover for the people inside also.


“House N by Sou Fujimoto – Case Study” is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia

developed at Master of Advanced Architecture in 2015 by:


  • James Nurtanio Njo


  • Manuel Gausa
  • Maite Bravo
  • Ricardo Devesa