We all love Coffee. Its a big part of our daily routine. Don’t you just hate when you get coffee early in the morning and while you’re busy working you forget about it and end up wasting almost half of it.

There are new gadgets which help us heat the contents in them like the

EMBER – smart cup which keeps your coffee at the perfect temperature that you would want it


or the self-heating plates shown above which take heat from the food placed in it and releases the heat at slow intervals to keep the food warm for longer.


My solution for this problem is not related to heating or keeping the coffee hot but to create a product that informs the user about the temperature in the cup with the help of a light which would fade slowly as the coffee turns colder.

The product can utilized in a commercial way wherein its a coffee-cup sleeve which they can carry around with them easily through-out the day





or be for domestic use wherein it used in houses an interactive coffee mug



or retail wherein coffee brands such as STARBUCKS or COSTA COFFEE can sell them as merchandise cups for daily use which also have a light indicating the temperature of the coffee.

To wasting no more coffee!