Disruption In the Eames Garden

The Case Study no. 8 of the Eames is a checkpoint in the world of architecture as it explored notions of 20th century housing. Entering the Eames House invokes a sense of mystical eeriness especially due to the wide collection of objects and artifacts ranging from Morocco to India. Their understanding of habitat goes beyond the physical structure and involves a high sense of personalization of space.

Following an elaborate research about the cultural, spiritual, disciplinary and most particularly the habitat dimensions of food, Hooligan is a project that catapults past models of habitation into the future, taking the Eames House garden as its playground. It aims at reconciling the meaning of home with its inhabitants whether human or non-human, animate or inanimate.

The design process of this retrofit revisits the fundamental meaning of structure and understands it as a basis for emergence, an order or logic before being a physicality.

It all started by illustrating the experience of being inside the Eames House through figurative drawings that envision an educational system that bases itself on constructing a domestic experience.

Characters were later extracted from these drawings. These characters were not only people, but were also spaces. It was an experiment in form finding that echoed spatial relations in a performance of shadows.


This has lead to the desire of creating an agile structure in the garden of the Eames House acting as a retrofit that would reactivate this site as a playground of educational exploration in the world of habitat.

The structure is a pipe supported by high pressure air pump. The system is that of air, helium, ions and a programmable electric current that gives it a magnetic field allowing it to shape shift (Check video “Eames Vogue”).


This mixture of gases, textiles and fibers calls for a SPATIAL ERUPTION

Charles and Ray in the garden with new retrofit floating above their head

Lovers’ confrontation below Hooligan

But it’s all about the fire that wraps the Eames House in a dance of shameless vigor

Master of Disruption

The fire of habitat restored