New age architecture is progressing  towards making the structures more dynamic and    interactive  , in both visual and physical  way .

.As in the physical world, visually interactive programs / models plays an important role in shaping the people’s reactions and responses to any products, while acting as the bridge between it and people’s emotion and feeling , which in architecture is essential .

b.shape shifting surfaces 

The idea behind the the project ‘ HOLOCRAFT ‘ is to make a interactive model where it could teleport the user into digital space.The user , being at focus here, gives him a possibility to virtually create , communicate  with  and in the  digital world.

The objective of our proposal is to get the digital world to life ,  by using hologram as a catalyst , through which it can be controlled using the sensors.

Working model :


Processing is used as a tool to create a 3d model . The 3d model is  projected through a hologram , and is controlled using ultra sonic sensors


Processing model  projected in the hologram being controlled by sensors 




Masters in Advanced architecture


Students :

Ashraf Ahamed

Madhurya Bayyapuneedi

Mohamed Ifthikar

Nusrat Tabassum