This project is a high density residential building design for 600 people.
After studying the thermodynamics thesis we optimized our design.


Climate analysis

Firstly we did analyzed the climate conditions of Barcelona with Climate Consultant and get the result.
Then we compared the different aspects from clothes, food, living to traveling between Summer and

Winter. Also we analyzed the best conditions for our body to further our design.

Listing and ranking

With the references we found we known the advantages and the challenges and did a list of priorities

and strategies for our design.


We started the design from a cube. To begin with we tried to block the sun and crate shadow as much

as possible. After creating six vertical towers we added some horizontal components for connecting

and sun shading.

Then we further the massing with staggering and lifting. Also we rotated the towers with some angels

for ventilation. Finally the chimney for heat transfer was added into each tower.



Summer: Natural Ventilation System The house is equipped with natural ventilation system and is suitable for

solar chimneys. These chimneys are located in the three facades facing the sun of the building. Specific forms of

reinforced concrete support struts are also used as exhaust pipes.   The indoor surface layer is coated with dark

paint, flush with the surface of the external wall, and the surface is covered with transparent thermal insulation

with a thickness about 10cm. The heated air flows upward inside the solar heating pipeline to form ventilation air flow.


Winter: An Integrated Solar Chimney A vertical wind turbine is placed on each chimney.  The air flow in the solar

chimney and the rotation of the wind turbine complement each other.   Gas makes  the turbine run or the turbine

drives the low-speed ventilator to suck exhaust gas.

Thermodynamics is a module of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia Developed

at the Masters in Advanced Ecological Buildings and Biocities (MAEBB) in 2019-2020 by students:

Zhiqian Liu & Yue Zhang


Faculty: Javier Garcia German