Hi Friend // WorkShop III.2

‘ Hi Friend’  is a project by MRAC 01 student  Tomas Quijano ,Christopher Booth , Abanoub Nagy  and
Alberto Martínez   during the WorkShop III.2 of the third term. WorkShop III.2 was taught by Madeline Gannon  ,Daniil Koshelyuk and 

During the WorkShop III.2, students had to explore ::
Ways of human robot interactions



In this project we explored how to interact with the robot with manipulating two points. The TCP point and a target point. The robot used is is a UR (Universal Robot). The hardware used are an Astra camera and leap motion camera . Unity was the Hub that receiving point from TouchDesginer and to visualize the move from unity was  sending points to  Grasshopper and in order to visualize them on Rhino window.



So in this workshop we contino




Concept idea 





Our Set Up






B) TouchDesginer

We used here TouchDesigner to get the second point. The Astra camera already have built-in pacake in the  TouchDesigner sofrom very simple script was built in the TouchDesigner. The Target point ,which in this case a human. The point was capture using an Astra camera.We captured the of human joint points .Filtering those point into only for neck. The neck movement and the this point was sent to unity .The Unity was acting as a hub or station to process all the points.