My building block is 6D3. It has 3 main usages as a mixed-use block; houses, offices, and shops. It has a big street on its left and two big blocks front and the back.

The first analysis showed that I have big shadow areas on the south façade and I have no sunlight from the west. East façade gets so much sunlight so that I can use that façade.

I draw reference curves according to these shadows and function of the building. I gave more openings to shops and offices.

I defined a basic rule with 5 dots. I can change these dots location but middle dot cannot leave reference curve. I can change the portion of dots location also.

For the roof, I have a different method but same amount of dots. I locate those costs to do not put shadow to each other. and create a space between them for people.

I did not use PV on the terrace because I already accomplish self-sufficiency without them. Therefore, I leave it for people to enjoy.

I also create middle terrace to people see and interact with the PV panels to get familiar with them.

As a result, it is 1.7 times more producing than it is consuming.