stock-footage-loop-able-d-animation-of-a-conceptual-globe-with-transports-city-and-nature-alpha-channel Can we imagine buildings absolutely separated from their environment and never integrated with it? Buildings, roads and people – are not separable. We can not talk about modern city imagine only buildings, or only roads. Cities were developing simultaneously with knowledge and needs of people. And as we know, needs of people changes as soon as new appears. That’s why it is time to think about new ways of  conversions of cities, as a rule having old current structure, history, culture and old buildings… Impetuous process of urbanization of modern megalopolises had constantly to review ways of creation of sustainable city environment. Excepting city as a business-environment with a lot of cars and skyscrapers, we can think about creation of comfortable space. It can suppose to be low-rise buildings, walking streets, convenient infrastructure  for living disposing to easy society integration with layout. Everyone knows today that it’s impossible to live such energy consuming further. In absents of cheap energy it has to appear new requirements to order of environmental, which will change the cities. They has to became more resource-saving. People use natural resources not only for living needs, but also to make them wealthier. Is it possible to change cities to less energy consuming and at the same time to make people feel on the same level of life? I think it’s a question of happiness of future generations. Source of picture: