Hardware and Pseudocode on Bending Robot

This is the main set of the project, where the main hardware elements can be defined.

1. ABB robot IRB 140

2. Picking station

3. Table gripper

4. Robot gripper

5. Pneumatic circuit connectors


ABB Robot IRB 140

These are the main characteristics of the robot used on the project:

Motion: 6-axis

Max. load 6 kg

Max. reach (5th axis) 810 mm

Mounting: Floor, inverted or wall mounted at any angle

Applications: Arc welding, assembly, cleaning, spraying, machine tending, material handling, packing or deburring.







Hardware Picking station

The sheets set to be bend are placed on this picking station.

Dimensions:  105 x 10.5  x 9 cm

Inclination: 55 º

Position: Parallel to bending position

Z distance from Home: 75 cm



Table gripper


Materials: aluminum, wood, steel RPW-625M -1 gripper

Position: perpendicular to table edge to bend outside

Gripping area: 6.5 x 6.5 cm

Opening distance: 2.8  cm

Extra gap sideways: 10 mm

Open / close (I/O):  solenoids

I/O Pin:  DO10_11, DO10_12


Fixed gripper


Robot gripper


Materials: aluminum, wood

Gripping area: 13.5 x 3 cm

Gripping depth: 11.1 cm

Opening distance: 2 cm

Extra gap sideways: 10 mm

Open / close (I/O):  solenoids

I/O Pin:  DO10_09, DO10_10



Solenoid Pneumatic system

The robot and table grippers were connected in a pneumatic circuit that enabled or disabled them according to the robot’s order on the program. This signal would activate or deactivate the solenoid opening the gate of the circuit and the presurized air would open and close the clamps.

Communication: air circuit –  solenoids (signal)

Pressure: 6 bars

Open/Close: constant pressure

Start:  all I/Os at 0


Pneumatic gauges at 6 bars                                                    Source: Heschen



On the sequence of operations made by the robot on the program, the robot will first, pick the sheet from the station and bring it to the table jaw as shown:



Then, the robot gripper will move behind the first bending line, close the jaw and turn to certain angles, pull to the following bending line and repeat the action until the last bend. Then open both grippers and move the robot gripper Home.