Happy Plants is a simple watering system for plants utilizing a soil moisture sensor, a water level sensor, a water pump and an LCD screen. The system is designed to be easy and intuitive for the user to understand – they simply need to refill the water reservoir when the screen indicates, and the automated system handles the rest.


The Process

  1. A soil humidity sensor measures soil moisture.
  2. A water level sensor measures level of water reservoir.
  3. An LCD screen displays plant status and moisture level.
  4. A DC Motor is used to simulate a water pump, which cycles on for 4 seconds when the moisture level exceeds 1000 (dry state).


The Prototype

prototype, detail


Next Steps

The system could be arrayed to monitor many plants by adding more soil humidity sensors and dc motors. To simplify, an average moisture reading could be taken for similar plants to be watered on the same schedule.



Happy Plants Self-Regulating Watering System is a project of IAAC, the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, developed during the Master in Advanced Architecture (MAA01) 2021/22 by students: Michael Groth; faculty: Angel Munoz, Cristian Rizzuti; Bernat Morato; faculty assistant: Antoine Jaunard