Plywood hammock using living hinges

Hammock by Chian Yu-Ching and Jesús Bueno

A project for the CNC milling machine assignment of MAEB course 2018/2019 in the module of digital fabrication.

This is a claim to make people think about relaxation. The life seems different (and better) when you are using a comfortable hammock made with plywood.

In this project our goals were to explore the possibilities of the material using living hinges with a simple shape to create something that people want to try in the moment you tell them about this hammock.

Hammock tested by Jesús Bueno

Living hinges allow us to obtain flexibility in our materials, with this 2000×800 mm furniture is possible to hold more than 100 kg thanks to the flexibility obtained, we took advantage of this property to make a small plywood plank a perfect place to chill. The pattern for the living hinges was studied and tested to make the material flexible, but also strong enough to hold the weight in a comfortable way for the user.

Simple but effective design, it is faster to produce thanks to the use of a CNC milling machine. The use of Grasshopper and Rhino allow us to scale the model to produce different sizes.

Another important objective is to reduce the waste of material, this model is produced taking into consideration the necessity of saving time and resources. Now, the objective is using the rest of the panel to produce a structure to make it able to support by itself without the necessity of trees.

Hammock tested by Yu-Ching

This is an outdoor furniture that puts us in contact with the nature and make us remember simpler times when we didn’t have any concerns.

This model will be updated soon with different sizes and designs and will be located in Valldaura Labs.

Plywood hammock is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in Advanced Ecological Buildings, Digital Fabrication tools module in 2018 by:
Students: Chiang Yu-Ching and Jesús Bueno Anguita
Faculty: Valldaura Labs