Habitat OS

The Self Sufficient Habitat

(From the City to the Building)

Social Interactions

Master’s in City and Technology


Tutor: Vicente Guallart & Eulalia Moran

Student: Pratyaksh Sharma


In architecture no aspect can be dealt with in isolation. Structure is related to massing which is again related to aesthetics which in turn is related to function and so on leading to Inter-related scheme and comprehensive scheme. Designing may not be something merely intuitive and mysterious, but it has a large component which is rational and hence subjective to analysis. The nature of architecture derived from environment to which objects which had previously only utilitarian value now become sources of emotional value to make it both beautiful and useful & social. One who exclusively pays attention to the utility is to be referred as the technologists, and the one who exclusively pays attention to the aesthetics and not utility as an artist.

“A building has integrity, just as a man and just a seldom! It must be true to its own idea, have its own form and serve its own purpose!”

– Howard Roark, The Fountainhead

. Being an architect or an urbanist it is our soul responsibility to design buildings and cities. But when you think about it more, it is not true. As an architect we should look beyond the architectural and urban scales of typical definations that has been generated over the period of time and not to second the notion but move pass this and create our own. We should look more into opportunities and impacts that we can generate for the world. We should become a combination of both Expert Citizen and Citizen Expert, adaptation of new design or strategies with respect to the society.

— How do we design or strategize for the society but not the user?

To answer to this question, first we need to understand where it is coming from, most of the architectural projects that are being made today are made according to the clients/users with our Co-designers. But we should design with that which reponds to the society as whole and built up social structures of the cities.

–What it is now and what it has the potiential to be?

It is more of a dynamic module to enhance the technologies and architectural skills and structure but with hard skills of design and soft skills of humanity. We can generate this power which can as one of more responsive designs for the society.

This study reviews the change of patterns of social activities and social interactions over the period of time. So, as to how the society use to run the show then and how it has been running the show over the period of time and how it is responding to it now and then finally to come up with a proposal for this everlasting show that is running on our planet to add to it, in order to progress even a bit of enhancement to this running show and cater the needs of social interactions and activities for a better show to come up with.

 Habitat OS – Social Interactions – Pratyaksh Sharma