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 Hand In Hand, Tower

“The process began with a Spiral as our inspiration. We wanted to explore the potential of the material to its maximum threshold; hence the Spiral was the best fit for our endeavor.


 Working with this geometry helped us discover various complex issues and challenges at every step of construction. The unique module evolved, has been used in different sizes with variations in engravings.  




Series of tests were carried out using different spacing between engravings on strips of wood along with soaking them in water. With the said experimentation, we were able to bend the wood significantly more than expected.  The various permutations and combinations of the modules enabled the unique twisting and interlocking between the modules. The final installation is a dynamic structure put together piece by piece, almost in a poetic way, where the form was evolved purely by the properties of the module rather than following a preconceived idea of the form.”   1314   21    2019