IAAC – Master in Robotics and Advanced Construction
Hardware III Seminar

Faculty: Angel Muñoz, Antonio Torrente Ortiz, Pepa Sedó Sanromà




Human-machine interaction (HMI) is all about how people and machines interact with each other and is becoming an important role in the industry processes and everyday life. More and more devices are connected and automatically carry out tasks.

 Microsoft Hololens mixed reality glasses

For a long time, the way we were interacting with machines was through mechanical components like switches, buttons, levers, steering wheels, and many others. Then it appears keyboards and mouses. Now we are in the age of the touch screen. Body sensors in wearables that automatically collect data. Speech recognition mixed with artificial intelligence is also making rapid advances. Gesture control is emerging as a new way of interaction. Technologies that augment reality are now acting as an interface. Virtual reality glasses immerse users in an artificially created 3D world, while augmented reality glasses superimpose virtual elements in the real environment. Mixed reality glasses combine both technologies, enabling realistic interfaces thanks to their high resolution.


During the seminar students will go through all these new different ways of interaction with machines. From touch and gesture to virtual interfaces.

 Google’s Soli sensing technology that uses miniature radar to detect touchless gesture interactions.