IAAC- Master in City & Technology 2018/19
Theory of Cities Masterclass
Curated by: Mathilde Marengo

Speaker: Guillem Camprodon

Guillem Camprodon is an interaction designer working on the intersection between the Internet of Things and Digital Fabrication.

His wide knowledge of internet technologies and his training as a product designer makes him an expert on developing Internet of Things projects. He currently holds a researcher position at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) and Fab Lab Barcelona working for companies such as Endesa or Cisco.

He is also a regular advisor for many projects as a tangible interaction expert and he regularly teaches workshops on open-source electronics and programming for Architects and Designers.

He is one of the core members of the Smart Citizen project, a global open-source environmental monitoring platform.

Topic: Internet of Cities – Information
Discussing open data, in particular in relation to the Smart Citizen project.

Focuses his session on the concept of the Internet of Everything. He discusses the internet origins to the current state of the art such as:

– Connected devices and infrastructures (from the IOT to smart cities, including trends like the connected car, industrial internet…)
– Platforms, architectures and algorithms (does the cloud exists, algorithms and decisions, decentralised systems and trust: peer to peer, blockchain)
– Data ownership and privacy issues (topics like data as soil, not oil, the new GDPR, data cooperatives, crowdsourcing data)