Growth by Analysis Data

Growth by Analysis Data is a collaborative project that aims to establish a coherent workflow between different users and software. The concept is based on developing a facade design programmed by growth attributes that uses data from the built environment through solar analysis. The first step consists of creating the context geometry, both at urban scale and building scale. The files are shared through a series of layers that define the environment of the project. The second step is the use of the data for establishing a solar analysis of the facade. Afterwards, the result of the analysis is used for developing a facade system based on advection growth algorithms. The outcomes are a series of square panels that inhabit the facade, allowing for normal light conditions within the building, whilst also creating a dynamic flow of patterns and shading.The project aims to set the basics for future development in terms of shape optimization, geometrical complexity and further environmental analysis on all the existing facades, for a complete set of design iterations generated through a collective workflow.

The workflow of the project looks at cross-collaborative design for 3 users. User 1 uploads the urban and architectural (building) context of the project, which consists of exporting and sending through Speckle various layers that contain the different components of the context and building. User 2 analysis the facade elements of the model, and creates a solar analysis based on surrounding context and the building configuration. User 3 uses the solar analysis in order to develop a design proposal based on facade inhabitation without light obstruction.

For further improvement the project explores the possibility of sharing more complex geometries and collaboration with various software in order to develop interactive projects that allow the sharing of more than basic geometries. In this case, the main issue of the project consisted in a limit for Speckle to transfer and view geometries that are more complex.

GROWTH by ANALYSIS DATA is a project developed at IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, developed at Master in Advanced Architecture 2019/20 by:
Student: Holly Carton, Daria Ciobanu-Enescu, Aishath Nadh-Ha Naseer
Faculty: Paul Poinet