Growing City Ⅱ

01_Previous urban study

Zaatari Refugee Camp has an organic structure in the west area. Its urban structure looks like a plant because the structure was grown from the first distribution centre where refugee could take food and some stuff. This growing structure is responsive to lots of factors such as sunlight, distance, transportation, population and so on.

Based on this organic structure research, I tried to make a growing urban structure in the rest of the area. For making a growing system, I picked important facilities which can be a start point of growing. Schools are the most important facilities because most of the population are children. After dividing this area 100m x 100m blocks (this square grid is used as base geometry), I found the shortest walk from each school to the closest block center. This shortest walk could be a 2-dimensional growing urban structure.

For making 3d growing structure, fractal voxel geometry is used as a base and from the main core plaza space to sub-core spaces and from sub-cores to every module, I found the shortest path in 3-dimensional. After generating, this structure is converted to architectural elements.


By this process, from schools to each module, a growing structure like a tree is generated and this structure can be converted to architecture.

02_Growing city in Mexico

The site is located in the south area of Mexico City and it is an intersection of Segundo Piso which is a large scale highway in Mexico City.


There are a hospital, medical research center, nursery school and so on in this area. However, blocks are unconnected because of the huge infrastructure.

So this project proposal is

Growing City Ⅱ | is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at the Master in Advanced Architecture in 2019 by:
Student: Jae Shin
Faculty: Willy Muller, Jordi Vivaldi