Studio 2 –  Interactive Gastronomy

creating a stronger relationship between humans and their food. is an interactive hydroponic system that comes in the form of a fabricated table. We keep mentioning the future kitchen, however there is need for certain systems to be part of the kitchen of today. We should all be making use of systems such as hydroponics and growing the food we are able to in our homes. Plants are something we take for granted and this project explores ways in which we can make systems that work around us more interactive.  The system requires human interaction to function properly.

According to the values received from different sensors, the table lights a certain colour. This signals that it requires something. There are three variables we can control in such a system; the water, nutrients and light. When the system recognizes that it requires something, it lights a different colour and only if the user is in close proximity does the system receive what it needs. If the lights turn white, that means that the hydroponics do not have enough water, calling out to the owner to go and spend some time near the plants and activate the water pumps. Plants are conductive and using a high value resistor, we can receive values of their electric conductivity. These values are used to signal when someone is almost touching them and in turn respond to its needs. creates a somewhat symbiotic relationship between the human and the food. Automation is not necessarily the answer to all our problems! The system takes advantage of the technology used today by understanding what plants need when they need it, without losing touch of the important relationships.

This product was exhibited at Corretger5 as part of  the Interactive Gastronomy studio for the students of the  Masters in Advanced Interaction. This is how the product was set up for the exhibition. It was designed to form part of the rest of a kitchen. Creating a product that people want to have in their homes.


Studio 02 – Interactive Gastronomy

Faculty: Luis Fragruada, Ignacio de Juan-Creix

Student: Susannah Mifsud