DSC08714_2 (1) Form finding Our aim in the form finding was to speculate on the best and functional shape. We used strings to understand how it’s possible to go further in a controlled twist. Doing several different models we understand which was the best rotation to achieve our goal, and we figure it out that the optimal solution was with a twist of 90°.   forwebaforwebb   PICTURE   Aeroponic System Aeroponic system is a way of cultivation in which the soil is not necessary for plants growth. A mist of water and nutrients are pumped through nozzles and sprayed on the pendant roots, contained in a close and controlled environment; surplus water can be reused in the system.  Dew Water shall be collected to create a sustainable system.   Technical requirements: Number of plants harvested:  57 Power needed:  125 W Water supply:  140 lt Temperature:   day  between 22-24 °C night between 16-18 °C Relative humidity: between 60% and 70%   Production calendar-01   aeroponic model (new)-01 Site analysis  Parallel to our research on dew collectors we decided to focus on the site analysis to understand how the humidity was distributed on the surface of the area. Even if the difference in perceived humidity was not so evident, we still could make a map of the distribution considering the radiation, the wind and the water flowing. Overlapping all this three site analysis we reached the final mapping of humidity.   141022 - site plan -  for Analysis-01    Architectural approach post_1