IMG_3290 BW When handling large numbers of plants, contamination poses the greatest threat. The coupling of aeroponics with an almost fully automated growth system eliminates most soil-based deterrents as well as plant-to-plant activity, greatly decreasing infection and mortality rates. Conveyor systems work in tandem with the plants. The interconnected movement and growth will result in a mobile production line capable of effectively yielding a consumable resource continuously. Spacing as well as sorting will respond to required exposure times, increasing the harvest. Aeroponics saves up to 98% of water compared to soil-based cultivation. Electricity will be needed only during the daytime hours to propel the mobility system, using only 0.373 kW/hr (per growth unit), while the growth units work with 70 – 200 l per crop (tomatoe), ideally at a pH between 6 – 6.7.         Alternate Text: Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 23.50.45