Passeig de Gracia is one of the most important streets in Barcelona, from its historical part like a starting line for planning the entire city, its commercial entertainment type, its famous architectural buildings and the huge public spaces. The current situation of the street is active; it always has a lot of citizens and tourists that they are making these big consuming relations, high density, big mobility movement but only at the day-time, nothing at night, just in case of some events. Commercial entertainment street = Consumer = Active street How to make it: Pro-Active, Productive? In a smart way, for a better space use, dynamic street and intelligent city. The main goal of studying “Passeig de Gracia” is to make it again a starting line to transform all Barcelona to a pro- smart city by using the high density to collect information’s, receive it and send it to save time, Creating a new mobility Matrix to change the transportation ID to a smart eco-friendly one and innovate a new dynamic life style that it can interact with people, to make every action in Passeig de Gracia a big event. It’s the street protocol from Micro to Medium (City Protocol) to the Macro.