What happens when you take traffic out of the picture in a l’Eixample superblock in Barcelona? Is it going to develop into another infrastructure? What infrastructure could that be? Who is going to provide the resources for this Infrastructure? Who is going to use this Infrastructure? Is it all going to happen at once or will it be a transformation assisted with future generations?

The Grid is a system that answers these questions to initiate a transformation into the existing Superblock Infrastructure that defines the production, distribution and use of energy in public spaces.






Explosion Diagram

The Grid performs on the idea of collecting organic waste from the Superblock, decomposing it to generate energy and creating an energized domain. In addition to the distribution patterns it identifies the concentration of energy used in different parts of the superblock and provides statistics for energy consumption.

The cartography helps collect data about negative spaces on the Eixample which are home to dead leaves and natural organic waste.The identified spaces have a static movement that could be transformed into passive spaces for public use. The proposal is to create pockets that convert organic waste into electrical energy, and dissipating that energy in the multifunctional ways like creating heated floors, street furniture with charging pods, night lights and traffic lights, supply natural gas for cooking and heating.


Logic Drawings of Drawing Machinelogic-drawing-001-161213final

Logic Drawings of Material



The principal function of the prototype machine is to distribute magnetic filings on the floor symbolically denoting the circulation of the organic waste, followed by reorientation of these magnetic filings according to the magnetic field lines of the electromagnet.This identifies collection and conversion of this organic waste into electric energy. The filings dispensed in one rotation cycle represent the waste disposed in one month in the Eixample.

The Grid is a proposal that defines a generative infrastructure in the existing Superblock model to give the public spaces back to people.



Performative Landscape-Super Block is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, developed at Master in Advanced Architecture in 2016/2017 by:

Students:Prateek Bajpai ,Dongliang Ye,Daehwa Baek , Shashi Prakash Vyas

Faculty: Edouard Cabay, Rodrigo Aguirre