iaac poblenou data

When referring to an old place in a city, one usually refers to the age of the built environment but not to the age of population who lives there. In the specific case of Poblenou and with information available the aim was to verify  if the oldest places are where the oldest people live.

For that, we overlapped the distribution of the places where people over 65 live with the location of the age of the buildings. This information is displayed on the map as points on a grid that when overlapped generate a patch of bright color.

iaac poblenou data

We came to finding a point nearby the cemetery of Poblenou on Carrer del Dr. Trueta. Although it is impossible to verify if people over 65 years live in the oldest buildings, by visiting the site it was possible to see that the public spaces around the area determined by the analysis was used mostly by old people.  In fact, after some investigation, we could see that the first settlements of Poblenou occurred around this area and we have concluded that its first inhabitants seem to have moved to this area and stayed through time.


Grey Poblenou is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in City and Technology in 2015 by:
Students: Mayra López, Sherine Zein and Çaglar Gokbulut
Faculty: Mar Santamaría, Pablo Martinez