Greenfull Wave is a project developed during Digital Bio system class and it consists of a meeting point structure made as a communal shared space where the citizens can rest and plant greens at the Passeig Maritim del Bogatell.

The installation grows green vegetables and herbs at the wavy ceiling structure which will provide shade during summer in Barcelona.


The structure is approximately four metres tall and 15 metres long, therefore it was recommended to create a structural support for the installation, such as columns.

The aim of this exercise is to investigate where it would be the best location on the structure to place these supports while using millipede and Galapagos software.

22 iterations

Geometry and millipede software analysis


Mesh visualisation and quads code

Text and data analysis


Master in Advanced Architecture

SO.3 Computational Design


Student: Sofia Madeira

Tutor:  Rodrigo Aguirre

Assistants: Danill Koshelyuk & Nikoleta Mougkasi