The Green Music Play Project


The brief given to us was about identifying an urban issue and developing a solution in a form of prototype which can be replicated or repeated. The issue we choose was related to our daily life routine and something every common citizen could relate too. Global Environment Change (Global Warming) and Social Interactions.



The issues we analysed as one can see that in today’s world social interaction amongst people have decreased as compared to the past also the environment is getting worst as we are proceeding to the future, gradually the human kind advances and the lesser interactive they get. The more technologically advance human get, the more they are ignoring the environment and the society, and the human race is heading towards danger. Our solution hence identifying the problem was to generate creative interactive spaces which promotes green and healthy environment and more social interactions. The next step was to develop and translate the idea into physical design by creating a Green Disco Environment for people to which they can hang out yet at the same time learn to care about the environment as well.


Prototypes can be installed in various parts of the city and the functionality of the prototypes depends on it’s user’s as the Soil Free Plantation Hydro-membrane installed along with sensors and music compositions works as soon as a plantation is completed the sensors get activated and to that instant the area becomes a Green Disco Area where people can gather around and have fun whilst listening to music hence promoting the social interactions amongst people and a fun game for them to play around with which in an direct/indirect way is helping the environment improve by creating or increasing the green foot prints even in the dense city areas as well.



Digital Prototype

People will also be able to join the live experience online through their smartphones, from which they can gather the access points and locations of the prototype installed in different parts of the city and can get connected to create events and come together as one spreading knowledge and information yet at the same time having fun. Through the digital prototype they can access and present FAQs regarding any doubts which one might have regarding the environment.


Citizens, Implementation & Replication

As a form of results people will have more information on the subject of environment readily available in there hands and out on the streets and would create a good impact on both the environment and social interactions amongst the society through out the globe. Hence, creating a major impact on the society making it more social and generating a Reverse Global Warming scenario for a better tomorrow.





Impact: Reverse Global Warming and Healthy Social Community for a healthy planet.



TUTOR: Marcella Del Signore

Students: Pratyaksh Sharma & Peng Wang

MaCT 2016-2017