Graviton – Particle with Gravity.

Ever wonder how particles are forced towards gravity? ūüôā

It’s called Graviton!

The graviton is a hypothetical elementary particle that mediates the force of gravitation in the framework of quantum field theory.

Gravity is a force. For all other forces that we are aware of (electromagnetic force, weak decay force, strong nuclear force) we have identified particles that transmit the forces at a quantum level. In quantum theory, each particle acts both as a particle AND a wave. This is called duality. So if there is a graviton, we expect it to behave both as particle and as a wave as well.

The electromagnetic force, for example, is transmitted by photons, and light is nothing but a large number of photons. Photons/light show wave and particle properties.¬†Scientists expect that gravity functions in a similar way. However, physicists haven’t yet observed a gravitational force carrier at the quantum level, and chances are they won’t do any time soon. It takes very sophisticated experiments – much more sensitive and with much better resolution than we can build so far – to detect such a phenomenon. Nevertheless, scientists expect that a force-transmitting particle – the graviton – exists. (Source:¬†

Therefore, using the processing and the sliders, we are going to play with this Graviton!

Since Graviton act as BOTH partcles and waves, we are having it as particles first, transmitting vertically in wave motion. To add the gravity, we can use the vertical sliders provided to see it’s reaction and the free fall down patterns of the particles!
Have fun! ūüôā
Graviton is a project by iaac Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, Advanced Architecture Group
Students: Anastasia Stephany Marcella
Faculty: Angelos Chronis