This project is a study of graphene as an embedded material inside traditional building materials. The research aims to examine the innovative possibilities of graphene applications that haven’t been done before in architectural design or fabrication processes.










Research work in Digital Matter || Intelligent Constructions – DMIC-
Institute of Advanced Architecture – IaaC – FabLab BCN
Year. 016 017
Research team:
Javier López-Alascio Hervás – Gelder Van Limburg Stirum – Ricardo Mayor Luque – Thanos Zervos

Areti Markopoulou – DMIC Leader
Alex Dubor – Fabrication Expert
Angelos Chronis – Computational Expert

Scientific supervision:
Italian Institute of Technology – IIT-
Carlos Saez Comet – Material Scientist

Thanks to:
Kunaljit Chadha – Expert in Robotics at IaaC-
Giovanni Perotto – Italian Institute of Technology – IIT-
Chenthur Raaghav Naagendran