Geollusion – Testing different levels of depth on corian material under light through cnc milling machine techniques.

Using the intersection points of flower of life pattern as a base for our inspiration, we developed a basic pattern to resemble the continuous transition that is present according to the ascending order. Parameterised through different levels of depth and is on a gradual slope direction from one edge of the panel.

This effect is achieved by gradually increasing the cut depth from one part of the edge to the another and making a sharp angular cut using the Vee Mill 45 on both the X and the Y axis diagonally giving the sharp pyramidal module.

As both the X and Y tool paths intersect while in the diagonal direction, they tend to create cavities to allow light to pass at various junctions with varying intensity depending on their void depth.


Geollusion_photo_2 Geollusion_photo_1


Students: Aishwarya Hokrani, Evelina Il’ina, Cagan Izgi