In this project we were asked to define a design task to abstract, define a solution space, and deploy Galapagos. We are trying to maximize, minimize, or reach a certain fitness.  The result of the project should be a series of optimized elements which can help to drive our studio project forward. Evolving Solutions exercise shows us how optimize the certain parameters in our project.

i11. step: Choosing the project for evalution

Firstly, I have selected my Robotic Fabrication seminar’s final project; A pavilion made of angular arranged sticks.

i32 step: Creating form finding system

I have thought kind of an installation that is placed in a block in Barcelona and I aimed to find the optimal shape of this structure according to solar orientation. I intended to create this structure which provides optimal  shadowed areas on the plaza.

i2I connected my shape dynamics to several sliders in the code. With that way, I have created a form finding study on the plaza.

3. step: Solar Radiation based form finding

Here I structured solar radiation based evaluation code in the area by using heliotrope. So, the solar radition has been selected as fitness evaluation in the project.

i54. step: Fitness evaluation and genome.

As I mentioned above, stick installation in the plaza has been adjusted according to fitness evaluation which is finding the optimal shadowed areas while changing the key points in the structure.

i65. step: Finding the solutions

To recieve all solutions organized, a system of grid has been created in the code.


6. step: First look from the solutions

As we see bunch of solutions has been emerged in the process. We pick the optimal one which is covered in the bounded box.i9

7. step: Picking up the best solution

It seems that several optimal solutions has been found in the form finding phase. These solutions are created by fitness evaluation in the selected area.


8. step: Result.

In the picture, we are seeing one the best fitness evaluated shape in the area. It means, this installation structure creates optimal shadow area in the plaza.



Faculty: Luis E.Fragauda

Rodrigo Aguirre


Project by:

Burak Paksoy