Syria after all the war devastation has suffered a lack of high quality public spaces in all its different cities, that has taken us into the position of creating a new place where all citizens can join feeling safe and without any problem.

This country has an average of high temperatures during the summer and between Juny-July these temperatures mean an excuse to not gog out home or stay in the shadow.

With this excersice I pretend to find the optimus mesh to protect them for the high sun exposition hours and at the same time, adapt its geometry to the placement.

For understanding the different fitness values we have to take into account the different days from June and hours that I took from the solar analysis. These days would be between 23-25 and the hours of the day would be from 6-13h.

Also, when we place the geometry and the context inside the ladybug we directly connect the fitness value inside the volume of the mesh that has been generated in my shape.

The different parameters of the grasshopper code are the points of the division of the 3 circles and the radius of every circle.

At the same time, the different patch of every offset circle (in the top) is part of the parameters and then we obtain different versions of the mesh.