Temporadas is a project developed in the Self Sufficient Buildings studio with students Bruno Ganem, Daniel Nahmias And María Andrea Gameros.

The project is about creating Ephemeral spaces with an energy model that is driven by gravity. The principle is to harness the potential energy between two vertical planes or more, where the energy is produced by dropping weights inside the structures.

When placed into a context, the mechanism can be applied as a responsive system to the environment, a possibility of ephemeral architecture with different sizes, densities and geometries, generated based on analysis of the natural forces and conditions, in relation with the programs defined for each structure.

In order to build structures no taller than 5 stories, we are using the topography and its height difference  to provide a long fall of the weight. In order to do so, we need to locate the points with the greatest height differences and utilize them to locate the buildings.

With a Genetic solver we aim to find the optimal 100m radial location on the map which holds the greatest height differences in order to Gain as much height as possible to bring down the weight that drives the energy to create the structures.




Genetic Optimization // Temporadas is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia
Developed at Master in Advanced Architecture in 2020 by:
Students: Maria Andrea Gameros, Bruno Ganem and Daniel Nahmias
Faculty: Rodrigo ?Aguirre