This project designed for Building OS seminar. The aim is to apply solar panels on an existing building block. To achieve that I used reference curve which defines areas that cannot get sunlight and functions. After that 4 points used to accomplish the shape as you can see in the diagram.

To make this design optimized I used Galapagos and my genes were these dots locations. I used Z values and portions of these dots.

For the penalty, I tried to unrealistic shapes.

I used matrix system with Grasshopper record data. I have 20 population for each iteration. This matrix is showing the maximum value and minimum value in the group and also shows the optimal (best) option for my building.

At the beginning, I used all the dot values as genes but it could not calculate that many options so I decided to make a decision about how the amount of glass will be used in the project than just put the portion and the z values of some dots.

Master in Advanced Architecture
SO.08 Computational Design
Tutors: Aldo Sollazzo, Rodrigo Aguirre
Student: Alp Giray Köse