Genetic Optimization – Bio Reactor Domes

The study used for the assignment was the project developed for Intelligent Cites course. This project focuses on a urban solution for a period located in Rio De Janeiro. The building is composed of various functions wrapping around bio reactors, which are openings filled with vegetation. The goal of this process and calculations around it, are focused to maximize the solar energy received on the floor surface while minimizing the reflective surface. The project is composed of 7 such bio reactors.


The tool used for the process was grasshopper with special focus on galapagos solver. This is a tool that explores various parameters and with examination, chooses the most optimal setup in relation to penalization values (these values define positive vs. negative impact of solution).

For the calculations there were used two penalization strategies; major value of maximizing receiving solar radiation on floor surface ( with the focus of supporting vegetation growth), and the second to maximize reflecting surface of the bio reactor.