SORO is a passive shading system based on the logic of soft robotics. Designed by Guoliang Zhang, Nasser Ghannam, Dongliang Ye and Mohamad Alchawa in DMIC studio of IAAC.

SORO attempts to using different kinds of liquid with different boiling points which will react with the solar radiation and temperature of the environment in different sites and time during the day in order to achieve a passive shading system that based on the environment conditions.

(for more info of SORO

One of the parameters that will most affect SORO system is the position of the sun(direction of sunlight). SORO will open and closed following the directly sunlight.

(simulation of the performance of SORO system)

As a shading system, the position and direction of the shading panel will be the key aspect of the efficiency which is also the parameter that need to optimize.

With the inputs of daily sunlight data of different sites (get from ladybug) and also the parameters of whole structure, we can use generation solver to achieve our goal which is to find the most efficient position and direction of the surface to create the maximum shading area in certain period of time.

(inputs of solver)

(final optimization)


SORO generic optimization is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia

developed at Master in Advanced Architecture, Computational Design – Generative Algorithms in 2016 – 2017 by:

Student: Guoliang Zhang

Tutors: Rodrigo Aguirre, Aldo Sollazo