Site & Section Plans of Micro Migration (showing the graph of Temperature & Humidity values along the 330 m stretch)

Micro Migration

Micro Migration is an architectural project of one house, for one person, for one year. The project is located at the intersection of the Cities of Badalona & Barcelona, along the Besos River, and specifically at the intersection of the river and the ocean. 

The house’s structure is stretched over  330 m & features a drop of 15% in humidity level and 4°C in temperature. The design of the house uses this drop to achieve thermal comfort inside the different spaces of the house through the use of wool for exterior skin, which absorbs moisture from the air. In that process, it can reduce the temperature up to 6 degrees and increases it by 4 degrees of the interior space.

Micro Migration’s program consists of several platforms that hold different sleeping, relaxing, cooking, showering, and working activities. Each of these activities will be held on different platforms throughout the year. Their location would be determined by the thermal comfort values desired by the space and the amount of layers of wool panels required to achieve that value. The exterior wool panels directly correlate with the surrounding temperature. Through the values of those temperatures and humidity, the amount of panels required to reach a certain level of temperature and humidity inside the occupied space.

To identify the allocation of the program on the platforms, Evolutionary resolvers are used to allocate the program based on the least amount of solar radiation, along with the skin panel angles.

The required thickness for the wool skin to achieve desired increase or decrease in temperature & humidity in the interior spaces is also determined through Evolutionary resolvers.

Screenshot of Galapagos solver




Grasshopper code

Setting shading area

Creating panels on the surface

Setting angles for the panels

Weaving the panels based on humidity values

Thickness requirement for wool panels at 60% humidity

Thickness requirement for wool panels at 70% humidity

Thickness requirement for wool panels at 80% humidity



Thickness requirement for wool panels at 90% humidity








Generation 0 (Winter)

Generation 1 (Winter)

Generation 2 (Summer)

Generation 3 (Summer)

Generation 4 (Summer)


Micro Migration


Genetic Optimization // Micro Migration is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed in the Masters of Advanced Architecture 2020/21 by Students: Abrar Ali, Jihad Al Ojaili, and Prarthana Sudhindra. Faculty: Rodrigo Aguirre. Assistant: Ashkan Foroughi.